The Digital Sabbath: About Us

What if… we decided to turn everything off for a day, a week or a month?

We decided to investigate whether it’s time for Australians to take a Digital Detox. In America it’s been taken up with great enthusiasm, so why not us? So take some time to think about your own use of digital technology, and have a read through what’s been happening overseas, the exotic locations now offering technological escapes, and even our own personal experiences of ‘switching off’.

Finish off with a look at what the experts are saying, and why this phenomenon may (or should) be on the cards for Australia in the future.

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The Authors:
Maddy King
Maddy is a 21 year old media student, who still (albeit tenuously) holds out hope for a future career in investigative journalism. When not working through the weekend, attending uni classes and doing internships, she likes to relax with a cup of tea, a piece of fruit and a good book. If time and money permits, it’s straight to the airport to escape overseas for her other passion, travel.
Bernadette Morabito
Bernadette is a 22 year old media student who loves soccer, Thai food and her two year old Shitzu cross Fox Terrier, Olive. Her favourite areas of journalism are sports, health, and culture and the arts. Bernadette endeavours to work in television or print media, and looks forward to travelling Europe and South East Asia next year.
Lucy Mowat
Lucy is a 20 year old media student with a love for cooking, reading and adventures. Her ideal day would be spent in a hammock by the ocean with a cider, a novel and nothing on the agenda. She divides her time between uni, work, her family and friends, and more often than not is dreaming about the amazing places she wants to travel to!
Sarina Nastasi
Sarina is 20, a media student, and she is famous for her one liners. She can’t help but add a passionate running commentary to Q and A (much to the frustration of her family) and one day she hopes to be a hot shot television reporter. Her favourite types of news are business, politics, culture, fashion and most of all: fluff. Her biggest distraction in life is philosophy, a subject she had to quit at uni because it was becoming too consuming. Sarina speaks Italian, is much more glamorous in Italian, and her tan from her recent exchange to Italy is sadly fading…